about us: VOL water filters

VOL® is a water filter brand of the KEMFLO Australia company. The VOL range of water filter products was developed by Kemflo Australia specifically for Australasia. Kemflo Australia is part of the wider Kemflo group which operates across the globe. At Kemflo we believe that everyone has the right to clean, healthy water. We also believe this should not be at a cost to our environment. This has lead to the development of a wide range of filtration products with superior filtration technology and lower environmental impact. 

Clean, healthy, filtered water from VOL

Committed to technology

Working from our advanced water treatment laboratory, a full-time team of over 50 R&D engineers continuously develop and improve VOL® products as well as innovating entirely new water filtration solutions. This team is responsible for some of the most advanced water filter technology available today.

The ultimate in quality

Unlike many other water filter brands, at VOL® we manufacture in-house because that enables us to maintain complete control over quality. In keeping with our determination to provide the highest quality products, we continually monitor our production processes and regularly upgrade our equipment to keep ahead.

Thanks to this continuous process of improving both our products and processes, VOL® water filters are the very best available, in technology, quality and service. Our UL, NSF and WQA certification underlines our compliance with international quality requirements.