filter cartridges for shower filter

replacement filter cartridge for shower filter

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Shower water filter cartridges

Removes more impurities than any other water filter


  • Removes chlorine
  • Removes particulates
  • Removes 98% of water soluble metals
  • Reduces chemical absorption
  • Rapid water filtration speed

Using advanced filtration technology technology, water filter cartridges for the VOL® shower filter rapidly remove impurities from your washing water. The cartridges are long lasting and quick and simple to replace.
  1. Unscrew, remove and discard the used water filter cartridge.
  2. Screw the new water filter cartridge firmly in place.
  3. Run the shower for 3 minutes before use.
  4. Replace after 6 months.


Enjoy some clever water straight from your shower.


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Brand VOL

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